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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2006|12:32 am]
My imagination teases me of the reality I so desperately crave!

What is it about summer that makes us go love crazy. I have a summer love, everytime summer comes around I can not wait until the time that I get to see that boy. It's like that summer camp love you wait for all year long as a kid. This would have been our 5th summer meeting together, and it would be in the same place we met, if I was going back. Last summer was the best though, because we actually made something out of it. I hope that happens again, and perhaps, since I will be so much closer this year, more could come out of it than just a summer fling.

Ah, imagination, how you tease me once again.
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Badass! [Jun. 21st, 2006|12:39 am]
[music |unfaithfull]

HOROSCOPE: This situation has been amorphous for far too long. It's time to draw some boundaries and clarify what's been undefined. Is it time to make a temporary measure a permanent part of your emotional landscape?

So, on an adventure with Danielle and Stephanie to find out if Steph could get her hip pierced, which she did, my idea of getting a tattoo eruptted once again, and very strongly. I really think I am going to do it. I just want it very small and simple. And I want the virgo "m" because it's something that really is me and I'm pretty sure I couldn't get upset with in the future. I originally wanted to get a small tattoo on the skin between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. That had to do with the the whole Arab, Muslim, Israel history of tattooing your religion there so you would hide it from people if you needed when shaking hands, and to prove your identity. Then Danielle brought up the point that a wedding ring would have to go on my left hand, so I changed to my right, but I was scetchy about that because of shaking peoples hands in business and whatnot. The first place we went to I asked about a general price for a small tattoo -$60. The second place we went to I asked about that spot on my hand and the guy told me that it would fade and blurr because it was on my hand; that did not sound too good to me. The third and final place we went to the guy totally bashed that idea. First he told me that he would not tattoo a girl's hand, especially if it was my first tattoo. Then he said that an astrological sign is stupid. I will agree with his point about the hand, I might regret that later with business, but he was just an ass about saying not to get an astrological sign; its who I am, and its what I want, fucker! He was a dick, and crushed me, but talking with Steph and Danielle we agreed that the inside side of my foot would be good, just below my ankle. I wanted to get it the color of a birth mark, but Danielle and Steph suggested a purple tint to it, I'm not sure about that, I'll have to decide, but I'm pretty sure I want to go through with this. I'm young, I'm acting badass, I should get it done! I think my mother with flip, but I don't have to tell her until she notices it. So, I might get this done tomorrow night. I might wait, we'll see.

Which "M" does everybody like?
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2006|10:38 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Ella Fitzgerald]

I work at a butcher shop, thats what I'll be doing all summer. And I feel like I'm missing out on something. All I do, every day is wake up, go to work, come home, shower, eat, go out with the few friends that are still in Sayville or stay in and read something, then I come home go to bed, wake up and go back to work. This is my pattern for the summer thus far. I've been so depressed lately because I don't have time for plays and all that jazz. If only I had self transpertation-life would be much easier to accomodate with.

I've decided to go to University at Buffalo; however, I am on a waiting list for a room and this frightens me. Hi congratulations, you made it into our school, now live on the streets! My mom is freaking out about this and so we have been fighting about my going there. That also seems to be a pattern of the summer, my mother and I disagreeing on just about everything.

Oh well, I don't have work tomorrow and I'm gratefull for that :)
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2006|11:21 pm]
We are forced to make too many decisions in life. It might just be better to have all yes men friends to tell you what to do, and when they do steer you in the wrong direction you know you don't have to blame yourself. Thats a pretty stupid way to think about it. I wish I had all the answers, but I suppose that is what makes life, life.

p.s. I suck at writing journal entries because I Danielle to compete with, and she is the master of symbolism.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2006|07:00 pm]
Victory! Sweet victory!
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Creative time [Jun. 4th, 2006|03:01 pm]
Fathers Day is comming up, and I decided to make a tribute to the Prince Of Tides book for my Dad. He's getting ride of his 1937 clam boat this summer and I thought this would be a nice idea. Anyone out there have some good pictures of clamming nonsense or some good history stories?...
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Ithaca is Gorges! [Apr. 22nd, 2006|04:08 pm]
The current is stong, from what I've heard; it'll whisk you down the stream. But I never seem to have the time; so my toes just touch the water, my toes just touch the water. I day dreamed on the bank again; I was swimming with the fish. And I thought this time that it may be true; but my toes just touch the water, my toes just touch the water, my toes just touch the water. Walked a mile just to find the edge, some place low enough to step right in. Now I'm here, and I can't begin to move. (Mm). That spoiled sun up over there, it always has to have its way. And I know that the river's there to shelter me; but my toes just touch the water, my toes just touch the water. My toes just touch the water, my toes just touch the water. My toes just touched the water...

Went on a random trip to Ithaca with Dan and Mary yesterday to see the gorges. They were breath taking. I love going to places like that, they make me feel so insightful and peaceful. Just listening to the water flowing beneath me, I could have drifted away.

The whole time I had toes stuck in my head, and it really just fit my mood.
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|01:43 am]
Have you ever watched your shadow as you walked? I did that tonight, I feel like I do that a lot. I think my shadow is interesting. Perhaps it has its own character. My shadow is cool! I could also be saying this because I am a bit inebriated, but who knows. I think shadows are nifty!
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Mikado, I will never forget you. [Apr. 8th, 2006|03:19 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"I claim my perjered lover, Nanki-'Attention!'-Po...."]

Last night the fire alarm went off during the show. We had just begun act II and the pricipals were on stage doing their "re-cap" of the first act. Katisha comes out onto the stage begins to sing her part and "Attention! All persons are to exit the building. *Beep* Beep*," and so on and so forth. Now, we all knew that the alarm only went off because of the smogg machine, so what we do? Finish the song, of course! Hey, the audience loved that no one broke character and kept going. Joel, the sound guy was yelling over the intercom, "We have to stop the show, What are they doing?" Mike, another techie was laughing hysterically. And they kept signing. Once the song was finished the audience burst out into applause and laughter, and Nanki Po screamed, "Everyone run for your lives."

Then we got to freeze our asses off (well, more our feet than anything being that noone was wearing shoes, but ballet slippers that get ruined in the rain, Oh, did I mention it was lightly raining!) It must have been pretty hysterical for all the Cortland drunks to walk by and see a bunch of people standing in the rain dressed as asians. You couldn't help but laugh.

Once the firemen decided that there was no fire we went back and continued the show. Hey, the show must go on, and we got a standing ovation because of it.

The one to blame for this fiasco; Julie Shaw, a memeber of the ensemble say the "M" word back stage before the show began. Crazy superstitious theatre people!
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I'm, oh, so graceful. [Apr. 6th, 2006|08:23 pm]
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]
[music |whatever god-forsaken song was playing at the time]

Today I fell in ballet class while doing a double piroette to the left. It was no ordinally fall, either; it was the kind where your entire body slams onto the floor with a loud thud. This loud thud caused the entire class to turn in my direction. There was no way of hiding it either, what with the mirrors on the wall, it must have been a pretty hysterical sight to see.
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