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Lisa's journal

Hello, I'm Lisa. I enjoy singing, acting, dancing like a fool, music and a bunch of fun stuff. I love singing in the shower, and take no shame in doing so. I love writing and reading for that matter... So if you're into pina colatas and getting caught in the rain, I'm lady to look for, come with me and escape!
10:35 am, 1940's, actting, air hockey, angels, animals, antiques, astrology, being fancy, ben folds, ben folds five, bike riding, black, black and white photos, black clothes, boating, boys, breakfast, broadway, civil war, claming, classical, comedy, cookie dough, corsets, cranberry juice, dancing, dido, drama, dreaming, dresses, elephants, estrogen, evanescence, eyes, family, fd racing, fiestas, fire department, fire trucks, fires, flowers, flying dutchmen, food, foreign languages, friends, gardening, granola, heels, high notes, history, horoscopes, hottness, hugs, jazz, jazz choir, jimmy buffet, leadership, les miz, life time movies, little shop, mets, monty python, mornings, movies, music, musicals, new york city, new york voices, night fall, norah jones, nutella, off broadway, old fashion, oldies, olivia, opera, parties, peanut butter, pearls, ping pong, pool, puccini, purple, queen, radio, rain, reading, red shoes, rent, rock, roses, sand, saturday night live, september 17th, shooting stars, show tunes, showers, singing, sleeping, sleeping under the stars, stage crew, starry night, stars, steam, stone temple pilots, sun rise, sun sets, sun showers, sunflowers, sweedish fish, sweeney todd, swimming, swing dance, swing music, system of a down, tango, tauruses, the beach, the beatles, the crucible, the juniors, the last five years, the limelight, the princess bride, the strokes, the wallflowers, the who, theatre, things, thrift shopping, toga parties, travis, van gogh, virgos, voice, walking, water, whores, writting, yellow, ziberia